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Welcome to SoccerSaber!

Am I already overdoing it?

I’ve finally done it.  Rather than toiling around somewhat anonymously on varied sporting blogs around the interweb, I’ve decided to start my own blog where I can share all my thoughts in a single place!  How exciting for everyone!

So, why should you care?  Well, you probably shouldn’t, to be honest.  I am a somewhat anonymous fellow with a bunch of ideas about random sports, focusing primarily on statistical analysis (or sabermterics, if you will) of European soccer.  However, I do like to discuss my hypothesis with like-minded individuals and I do like to express my ideas in written form, so that’s why I (and hopefully you) are here.

A bit about me then.  I live in the States (Chicago, to be exact) and have a passion for most sports.  I played football and basketball as a teen and played some baseball in college.  I have also coached baseball and basketball, although I am “retired” at this point.  I write constantly on several blogs and forums and contribute a bit of insight now and then. Continue reading