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End of Season Notes and Strategy Recommendations (Part One)

A note from my readers? Yeah…probably not.

Hello there old chaps. Sorry for the lengthy absence recently.  To be blunt, I have not had any enlightening FPL thoughts recently; scheduling uncertainty blocked all real planning and team management. Even my goalkeeping rotation plan was thrown out the window with the suspension of Bunn and the potential return of John Ruddy a bit earlier than expected (more on that in a bit). So, rather than spew a bunch of inane nonsense, I kept quietly on the sidelines and watched a shitload of college basketball (I am in the States, remember?).

I sit in silence no longer!  Now that the FA semis are finally set we can begin to formulate a plan for the next seven game weeks.  While the season feels like it is almost over, nearly twenty percent remains and we have multiple double gameweeks for which to prepare.  Let’s get on with it!

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