Gameweek 29 Starting XI

GW29 starting XI

As discussed in my gameweek preview, there weren’t a ton of decisions to be made this week.  Nonetheless, below you will find my thought process for this week’s moves.


I made two transfers again this week.  My first move was obvious, transferring out Sergio Agüero for a few week punt at forward.  My pick for the swap is Christian Benteke.  I thought long and hard about his handsome compatriot, but in the end I feel Villa’s upcoming fixtures are a bit more promising, at least over the next fortnight,

The second change created more of a dilemma.  I have been itching to drop Guy Demel for Marc Wilson for sometime.  While Stoke can no longer tout a top five defense,  I feel the Potters have been getting a bad rap lately.  My six-week form ratings have Stoke at twelfth but only marginally below the theoretical median.  Further, with Demel a rotation threat the improvement to Wilson seemed obvious.  The issue, of course, is taking a hit for a defender with a mediocre matchup.  Chances are I will at best break even with the Wilson swap even though I need him to form a full starting XI.  Yet, in the end, I feel the hit is justified as Wilson will be a starter in several upcoming weeks and his low price will facilitate any moves to prep for forthcoming double gameweeks.

Lineup Selections

I have eleven playing this week with eleven open slots.  Even I couldn’t screw this one up.

Captaincy Choices

I’ve already indicated I had no plans to captain either of the primary threats in the Liverpool – Tottenham game.  While that game could be open, I would prefer a situation that doesn’t involve top four defenses on both sides.  That leaves me with Benteke as the primary option.  I am quite comfortable with his selection as I don’t foresee Reading handling the precocious forwards athleticism.  I suspect he will score and produce a comfortable total for my squad.

For vice-captain, I’ve again passed on both Bale and Suárez and instead have gone with Michu.   While I am not thrilled with Swansea’s matchup, I am going with my gut which says Michu won’t be blanked this week.  I should note that last time I went with my gut I nearly cost myself seventeen points, so take from that what you will.  Hopefully Benteke plays and the selection is irrelevant.

I am not too thrilled with this lineup but don’t suspect my opponents are either.  I am simply looking to survive without major losses and move on to full slates and double gameweeks in the near future.

Good luck to all in this shit of a gameweek!

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