GW 29 Team Ratings


Please allow for a short digression before we get to this week’s team ratings.  It has recently come to my attention that another blogger is posting team ratings based on a very similar model as mine. The similarities are so striking that certain teams have the exact same ratings as those you see above.  I know how and why this came to be and, needless to say, I am a bit perturbed.  My model is not overly complex, but I do feel a bit of intellectual property ownership for its construction.   Unfortunately, there is no real value in the idea at this point and an IP battle is simply not worth it.  As a friend said “it’s a dog eat dog world out there.”

I am pointing this out because I don’t want to be accused of pilfering the model from elsewhere.  This concept is mine and, if need be, I can prove it.  I won’t name the blogger involved (please don’t ask) but do understand that my work is and always will be my own and I will most certainly give credit (and links where available) when others have influenced me.  I want you as the reader to have confidence in the veracity of this work, however inconsequential it may be.

My God, look at him!

With that out of the way, let’s get on to some more pleasant topics shall we?  Maybe a Corgi puppy in the snow?

Above you will find SoccerSaber’s gameweek 29 team ratings for both full season and the past six weeks.  As I always promise I will at some point pretty up my presentation of these ratings…seriously, I give you my word (but don’t hold your breath).  For a refresher on how these are created, please see my introduction to SoccerSaber’s team ratings.  Also, please don’t hesitate to leave a reply with any specific questions you have.

Some commentary for this week’s ratings:

  • I believe Manchester United is clearly the best team in the league although my overall ratings have their cross-town rival in the top spot.  However, United have been closing the gap quickly and now sit atop the six-week form ratings.  Their defense, in particular, has been superb as of late.
  • 25346727

    Yes, yes I am drunken baby

    Liverpool and Tottenham have a firm grip on third and fourth.  My eyes agree with the model here as I feel both teams have played better than Arsenal, Chelsea and Everton throughout the season.  I really don’t foresee the Spurs falling out of UCL qualification without a run of injuries and wouldn’t be surprised to see Liverpool pass their Merseyside rivals for sixth (Arsenal’s schedule is too easy to be caught by the Reds in my opinion).

  • Arsenal’s form rating looks solid, but that is primarily driven by the 5-1 West Ham domination.  They have not been playing well.
  • Nor has Chelsea although I have no idea how they didn’t score more last week.  At least they showed up for the first leg of the Europa league round of sixteen.  What’s that you say?  Chelsea lost 1-0 today?  Well then…
  • Newcastle’s recent attack has been solid but inconsistent.  They were good against Reading, Chelsea and Southampton, not so much against Villa, Tottenham or the Swans.  As mentioned earlier this week, I think the mass Sissoko hysteria has gotten a bit out of control.
  • Look at that recent Everton defensive rating as it is truly something to behold.
  • Stoke averaged 2.2 shots on target per game the last six weeks in non-Reading games.  They really cannot score.  At what point does Pulis stop the thuggery and bring in some actual footballers?  With that said, they still are more potent than Reading!
  • Dog meet ‘Arry…’Arry this is dog

    The picture on the right has been making its way through the interwebs.  Absolutely brilliant that is.  Did I mention QPR is pretty awful? To be fair though, Remy looks frisky right now and could add some potency to an attack needing a big hit of Cialis right now.


As always note that you can always access these ratings at my EPL Team Ratings Page located in the top menu.

Cheers lads!

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