Gameweek 28 Starting XI



The pain of Gameweek 27 can finally be forgotten as we move onto Gameweek 28.  I, for one, couldn’t be happier although this week required some tough decisions to be made.  Let’s review my plan and reasoning for transfers and lineup selections.


I made two transfers this week, dropping Van Persie and Fellaini for Suárez and Michu, respectively.  The RVP swap was pretty easy for me; I suspect he will rest this week and, even if he doesn’t, Man United have an almost certain blank in gameweek 29.  Liverpool have great fixtures upcoming and I have no qualms with doubling up with Sturridge up front.

As for Michu, I was always planning on transferring out Fellaini next week.  Everton’s fixtures aren’t great and their form has been poor.  With a blank in gameweek 29 as well removing the Belgian was a no-brainer.  However, as of mid-week I had no idea who I would target, with Michu and Sissoko being the chief candidates.

Once Moyes noted Fellaini’s injury, the obvious response was to move Fellaini out this week.  The hit isn’t a big deal as I was always going to take at least one if not two or three hits to field a starting XI in gameweek 29.  I decided on Michu as his numbers remain very solid and I am a bit concerned with the lack of goal threat in three of Sissoko’s four games (just three shots in those three games).  Thus, it was the EPL newcomer of the year for me.

Lineup Selections

In goal I really have no choice; while I am not keen on Arsenal at Tottenham, there’s no way I’m playing any goalie at Old Trafford.  The backline offers two automatic selections in Zabaleta and Enrique.  They have good shots at clean sheets even though they are both on the road.  The third slot is going to Clyne instead of Demel, mainly due to location of the fixtures; I like both matchups, but fancy the Saints a bit more as they are at home.  Davies is my third backup so should not have much to say in my week’s output.

The attacking selections were a bit more difficult.  My three forwards are almost automatic plays as is Gareth Bale.  Mata and Michu have promising fixtures, so they get the call.  The last position was a real toss-up.  Puncheon has been good when he plays and his fixture is tantalizing.  In the end though I went with Walcott.  While at Tottenham is no one’s idea of a good matchup, Theo’s numbers are simply too strong to bench.  Puncheon will have to settle on being my first substitute.

Captaincy Choices

While lineup selections were fairly simple, the choice for captaincy has been very difficult.  I almost never captain defenders, so I was left to choose among seven starters up front.  Walcott and Sturridge were immediately eliminated due to fixture strength and injury status, respectively.  The other five were nearly impossible to choose among.  In the end, I decided on Kun Agüero.  I have no reason and am simply going with my gut.  Suárez at vice is similar; this is truly a week with too many options to choose from.

Hope my decisions are sound as I would appreciate a bigger cushion in my main leagues as we head into a difficult gameweek 29.  Here’s wishing myself and all of you good fantasy fortune this week!

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