Gameweek 27 Starting XI

ImageWell, I had intended to publish a full game week preview as well as an analysis of forwards for the remainder of the season, but unfortunately those plans were scrapped due to my ongoing illness.  As mentioned before, being sick really sucks.  I should have both prepared for next week as well as a breakdown of the premier budget keeper rotation from here on out.  Stay tuned as I hope all three provide the true insight you guys are looking for.

This game week left fantasy managers in a bind.  Having come off the Swansea – Liverpool DGW, most were left with less than eleven players to start.  I was in that boat, with Davies joining my three Liverpool assets in Suarez, Sturridge and Enrique.  Thus, the primary goal was to field a full starting squad this week.

Complicating matters is the FA Cup’s interference in GW 29.  We know for certain that Everton – Arsenal and Chelsea – Fulham will not have fixtures should Everton and Chelsea win in their next matches (in which they will be huge favorites).  Manchester City – Wigan will probably be rescheduled for midweek as there are no broadcasting or European complications.  The Manchester United – West Ham game could be rescheduled to midweek as well, but television issues may prevent it from being so.  In my mind then my goal was to minimize exposure to Everton, Arsenal, Chelsea, Wigan, Man U., and Fulham assets beyond what I already own.

The original plan then was to do a Suarez > Aguero and Davies > Clichy swap.  This would have resulted in a hit but would have pushed me towards Aguero and City coverage on the backline, two things I have been pushing for all year.  Plus, no further exposure to GW 29 shenanigans (again, presuming City plays).  This was all moving forward as scheduled until 1) Clichy was benched in the FA Cup and 2) Bacary Sagna got hurt sometime during the Bayern Munich lambasting at Emirates. Clichy was no longer on the docket and any swap in must be a guaranteed starter.

Thus, I have decided to do Sagna > Zabaletta.  This gets me to a much more locked in member of City’s backline while limiting my exposure to Arsenal in GW 29.  I could not afford moving Davies out which will result in my losing some value due to his price drop tonight.  Considering that I toyed with a Davies > Wilson swap, but the potential for Wilson to not start was too much to risk for just £0.1.

So there you have it.  I am not too excited with this lineup, but figure I will be in a similar boat as most managers.  With a 27 point lead over my nearest rival I can afford a subpar week, but hopefully my differentials will come through big (Fellaini, Aguero, Szczesny, Zabaletta) come through big!

Good luck to everyone!

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