Welcome to SoccerSaber!

Am I already overdoing it?

I’ve finally done it.  Rather than toiling around somewhat anonymously on varied sporting blogs around the interweb, I’ve decided to start my own blog where I can share all my thoughts in a single place!  How exciting for everyone!

So, why should you care?  Well, you probably shouldn’t, to be honest.  I am a somewhat anonymous fellow with a bunch of ideas about random sports, focusing primarily on statistical analysis (or sabermterics, if you will) of European soccer.  However, I do like to discuss my hypothesis with like-minded individuals and I do like to express my ideas in written form, so that’s why I (and hopefully you) are here.

A bit about me then.  I live in the States (Chicago, to be exact) and have a passion for most sports.  I played football and basketball as a teen and played some baseball in college.  I have also coached baseball and basketball, although I am “retired” at this point.  I write constantly on several blogs and forums and contribute a bit of insight now and then.

You betcha I took Sloane at +1650

I have written for preseason college basketball publications as well as contributed a college football team blog for a short while. I am a fantasy sports nut and have played nearly every game imaginable (fantasy NASCAR sucks, btw).  I currently focus my fantasy energies on baseball, football, and EPL soccer.  I gamble on pretty much everything and love the challenge of finding hidden value in obscure places.

This blog is intended to be my outlet of sorts, a place for my brain dumps.  Most will surely be rubbish, but I truly hope some may be of interest to you, even if you vehemently disagree with the ideas presented.  My best hope for this endeavor would be lively discussion and debate; I welcome and encourage comments and criticism of anything posted.

I will focus the majority of posts on soccer analytics.  This is something I have done for a bit now, even going so far as to have recurring guests posts at the wonderful Shots on Target blog (my pseudonym is SuperGrover).  I have created ateam rating and forecasting model which I will share and discuss moving forward.

I also will spend an inordinate amount of time discussing my FPL money league team and EPL fantasy strategy, joining the dozens of up and coming FPL analysis sites on the web.  I will also likely discuss individual players, teams and matches, exposing my ignorance for the world to see.  Finally, I may occasionally discuss other sports (anyone want to talk about TCU beating Kansas last night?  WTF?) although the frequency of said dalliances cannot be guaranteed.

So, there you have it.  I will probably post some thoughts on GW26 later tonight/tomorrow (double gameweek people!!!) and I hope you enjoy.  Until then.

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