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GW 28 Team Ratings

Team Ratings

Above you will find SoccerSaber’s gameweek 28 team ratings for both full season and the past six weeks.  At some point I will beautify my presentation, but for now you’ll have to take them as the ugly beasts they are.  For anyone new to the site, please see my introduction to SoccerSaber’s team ratings for an explanation of the methodology behind these numbers.  Some general comments and clarifications on the ratings:

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Gameweek 27 Review


Contemplative breakfast cat knows

Well, that was fun!  A terrible game week for most owners, although some were smart enough to transfer in Lambert and Sissoko as well as captain a certain Welshman.  For the rest of us, Gameweek 28 was all about damage control and lost opportunities, myself included.  Let’s take a look at last week’s games and all have a nice laugh at my team’s pitiful performance.

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Fantasy Forward Buying Guide

You okay? SAF said you could have been killed!

It seems I’ve partially overcome my apparent run in with what can only be described as Hell incarnate and find myself well enough to try to contribute something of value to the FPL ether.  Either that or I am trying to focus on something less painful than reviewing my team’s output from last game week which, ironically enough, could also be aptly described as Hell incarnate.  In either case, I’ve spent a bit of time taking a look at potential fantasy forward selections for the remainder of the premier league season.  The timing of this analysis could not be better with Mr. Van Persie’s unfortunate fall into a camera well leaving many fantasy managers searching for answers.  If you count yourself among said managers don’t despair, as below you will find top-notch commentary that is guaranteed to help you win your fantasy league this year!

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